This is Kate's last evening.

This was one the the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I love Kate. I never could provide her what she deserved. Kate deserved freedom. She was a beautiful animal, an intelligent animal, an independent animal. She was never meant to be domesticated. I feel awful about this ending. I guarantee you that she was happy. She ran freely the in the creek and returned home muddy and tired. She chased rabits for hours on end. As much as I tried to stop her, I could not stop her spirit. In her final two weeks, she climbed a 14,000 foot mountain, climbed the Manitou Incline Railway, and was taken to the dog park many times, where she was, by far, the most impressive Frisbee catching dog. People were in awe of Kate. She was always athletic and curious. She always provided comfort. She existed as animals should, free.


ambersta said...

What can I say that might help...? Probably nothing. But, I have no doubt that you tried everything else first, and even "Earthlings" says that euthanization is the most humane way to go. Sometimes things in life are beyond our control. Every action in your life lead up to this action, there was no other action possible, you could not have acted in a different way. Same with Kate. She came from a puppy rescue, if my choices lead me to a different dog, she may have lived with people that could not train her to the extent that we did. They may have gotten frustrated with her dominance and beaten her. She could have lived on a farm (biting the tail off a pig...). But she didn't, she couldn't, we couldn't. She was the better for having lived with us and then with you. Regretting one action in your life is regretting all of them, because they are a web, and they are you. Who knows why we domesticate animals and want them with us? Maybe because humans are also pack animals. If you want to blame someone, blame evolution. In short, thank you for doing the best that any of us could, she couldn't have asked for a better home (creekside, even) or a better companion than you.

nathan said...

years later. reading this. it's very sweet.