as we own memories, we bake rich bread

this means:

with gained experience, with diverse experience, our neurons form complex patterns.
perceived as profound... even objectively profound.
they create responses of inspiration and intrigue.

ultimately, they spread into our audience.
fruitful patterns.
patterns that permeate generations.
such a confusing age
placed between
points more easily definable.
how will I ever know
which way.

habits become stagnant.
still we repeat.

where to go from here?


different plants

the determinist says we are no different than plants
reflections of our situation
silly situations alike profound
no water today.

I am a plant
contentedly basking sunward
tomorrow is of no consequence
except my thirst
still no water.

fret nothing!
we are all linked in this universal consciousness-

ask nothing more and rest
tomorrow will happen
with thrust?