P1 - The only meaningful investment is in the improvement of the functioning of society.
P2 - The only meaningful investment is in the improvement of the functioning of the self.
P1 - Improving your self automatically improves society. You cannot separate the two.
P2 - And improving society automatically improves the self.

all we need to say is "improvement" but in relative to what? isn't everything subjective? hmmmm, some things seem objectively universal. like gratuitous suffering is ALWAYS bad. perhaps the emotion/feeling is objectively the same, but the stimulus for that emotion/feeling is subjective.

roller coasters make jim sick. roller coasters excite sally. roller coasters anger frank.

we all understand sickness, excitement, and anger. that is the objective part. however, the only thing society can control is the stimulus. it is possible to give free roller coaster rides out to all but impossible to give out happiness.

the key is this! money can mean many different things. vacations, food, drugs, material possessions, sex. it can purchase many things to fulfill the individual.

due to money's variability, redistribution of wealth can "improve" both societal and individual needs.



Perhaps when we look at another what we truly see is some core element of ourselves. The more we see of ourselves, the more that person appeals to us. When is that reflection the strongest? When the levels of self-acceptance for both parties are at the same level.

Can two people have completely different interests with equal levels of self-acceptance reflect into each other? Yes. The core is what reflects.



I wish this language were more precise. Diamond edges and prime numbers. But really, they say nothing. No amount of words can describe how chocolate truly tastes. The artist’s paradigm perhaps.

A slice of paper folded again and again into an unbendable mass. We admire who folds tighter than the other. But, this power must be used for good. Otherwise, you manipulate and cause confusion, Andy Warhol.

I guess there is an objective truth.



Yellows sharpened like knives without sunglasses to enhance the difference between grey and yellow and grey again, but this music plays on on on on onward. The space betwen moments is closing inward, until one day I will no longer be aware of a future.

Then I am Emotion.