You can only love another as much as you love yourself. To love yourself, you must do what pleases you. This connects you to reality in the most important way. It builds, focuses, and strengthens your identity.

No activity is pure however. There are downsides in any activity. Too much of anything will cause the downsides to become overwhelming, even if they are small inconveniences at first.

Thus, reaching pure identity and pure love is impossible.



Visibly collapsing. Obvious and strategic with out knowing the desired destination. Flail arms to grab some sort of control. Pushes people away. Like a sinking swimming. Bricks for bones.

Enamored with purity. Whole acceptance. Excitement for a deeper understanding. That look. More whole. External fills internal. Limitless risks worth risk. Because, you have yourself. Always.

When you realize you already have everything (yourself), you are complete.



During the pirated song titled "Kaleidoscope" by Tiesto, there is a dubbed over voice which utters "musical freedom, don't steal this shit"

Until today, I have always thought it was part of the song and quite enjoyed it. It was unique and seemed to fit well into the music. Yesterday, I downloaded the album and heard the same dubbed over phrase throughout the entire album. At that time, I realized the overdub wasn't part of the original song but an attempt to keep people from pirating music. Now, I dislike that overdub. My feelings about the overdub completely reversed.

John Cage was wrong. Music (art) is NOT completely subjective. After learning the dubbed voice wasn't part of the artist's vision, the value of those sounds lowered dramatically.

The artist's intention carries weight and holds value. There is objective value to art that is based around the intention of the artist. The artist sets the objective value (intention) which is unchangeable.

Art is objectively and subjectively valued.


Oh, the appeal

Too terrified or not terrified enough.
Sideline watching.

There is massive appeal, magnetic appeal. Oh, the appeal pulling me.
Stop! Browse again. Redo. Undone.
This is where I stand: The ones who say I'm too much -
- are not enough for themselves.

I've held back.
Browse again. Redo. Undone. Not terrified.
Others' assets are either appealing or intimidating.

Energy is my addiction. Childlike wonder. People like this, oh the appeal.
You see it in their movement, smile, eyes, laugh, touch, being.
I will not settle.
Settling is mutual. Always. Unfortunately, it's masked as a loss for one.

I miss what I have not had.
But, I know it will be there.
I wait while smiling.
Oh, the appeal.