Oh, the appeal

Too terrified or not terrified enough.
Sideline watching.

There is massive appeal, magnetic appeal. Oh, the appeal pulling me.
Stop! Browse again. Redo. Undone.
This is where I stand: The ones who say I'm too much -
- are not enough for themselves.

I've held back.
Browse again. Redo. Undone. Not terrified.
Others' assets are either appealing or intimidating.

Energy is my addiction. Childlike wonder. People like this, oh the appeal.
You see it in their movement, smile, eyes, laugh, touch, being.
I will not settle.
Settling is mutual. Always. Unfortunately, it's masked as a loss for one.

I miss what I have not had.
But, I know it will be there.
I wait while smiling.
Oh, the appeal.

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