Until the years compound

Sometimes that inward regret relentlessly scratches
Concerning dreams
Dreams I’ve stumbled upon – seemingly essential
They remind me of my lateness

Maybe – Maybe - still not too late
Yet, I continue forward – restlessly unforced and numbed
Until the years compound


isn't it interesting to remember?
all of your previous connections. the ones you promised were forever, and now, they're non-existent. it seems likely to continue happening. at some point they were so dear. now i'm so different. how would it work? how has it changed?

new addiction

and paused upon the sight of bleak sky
shooting upward though millennia of reflected light
perhaps gazes upon myself
like red shooting into the veins of black
revolving at nausea

and breaking this pattern becomes my addiction
controllable. something underneath. and from my dark heart.
but it grows tired with time

and a new addiction is sought


you will be forgotten. i'm sorry, but it's true.

i will forget you

no doubt

cause right now


time forgotten
(holding hands with slightness)

right now

right now

right now




the universe constantly moves towards greater entropy,
except life.

is this free will?


the spirit of evolution

edging my wayward upheaval-
into a silky plain intrenched.
clear butterflies and even browner centipedes-
continue this upward momentum

until finally human.
all from below.
Mahaffeys are restless...

relentlessly restless


as we own memories, we bake rich bread

this means:

with gained experience, with diverse experience, our neurons form complex patterns.
perceived as profound... even objectively profound.
they create responses of inspiration and intrigue.

ultimately, they spread into our audience.
fruitful patterns.
patterns that permeate generations.
such a confusing age
placed between
points more easily definable.
how will I ever know
which way.

habits become stagnant.
still we repeat.

where to go from here?


different plants

the determinist says we are no different than plants
reflections of our situation
silly situations alike profound
no water today.

I am a plant
contentedly basking sunward
tomorrow is of no consequence
except my thirst
still no water.

fret nothing!
we are all linked in this universal consciousness-

ask nothing more and rest
tomorrow will happen
with thrust?