You can only love another as much as you love yourself. To love yourself, you must do what pleases you. This connects you to reality in the most important way. It builds, focuses, and strengthens your identity.

No activity is pure however. There are downsides in any activity. Too much of anything will cause the downsides to become overwhelming, even if they are small inconveniences at first.

Thus, reaching pure identity and pure love is impossible.


Momo said...

I like this one. Do you really think its impossible? What if enlightenment were real?

ambersta said...

I think this makes people sound powerless to compensate. I don't think people's self worth can be derived solely from doing what they like, and if it causes issues, surely it would cease to give one pleasure, but not self-worth. I disagree that no activity can be pure, it depends on your definition of pure I guess. I think you are over-simplifying, and misusing Ockam's Razor. This post is not very Randian in that you are forgetting reason. Reason is the guide by which man decides actions.

"Rationality is man's basic virtue. Man is an end in himself." -Ayn Rand.