This world begs to be taken. It gives without reason. To you. Do not prove yourself to this world. It has already accepted your faults and strengths. Take it. It begs to be taken, and you're worth it. One thing keeps us from everything we desire. Ourselves. Our self-doubt. I wouldn't have it any other way. The more we grow, the more we have. Indefinitely.

I take:
people, music, dance, art, laughter, philosophy, health, adventure, passion.

Be stupidly in awe. This life is perfect with every silly emotion. Do not sacrifice this moment for any other. Magic is happening, regardless of any injustice. This very second is the most important. And then the next. No need to force them. Their greatness is vast.

Thank you for this.


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Momo said...

It is funny that you wrote this before you read mine :) I love it. Its so true, so much is there for the taking but because of fear we sometimes don't take what is offered to us. But there is so much! I was wondering today if we can become desensitized to beauty the way we can become desensitized to violence. I think maybe, but most of the time its just that we don't slow down enough to even realize that something is beautiful. xoxo