The 4th of July

I hid my contorted smile -
As my face shot jagged, unforgiving angles.
And yours, bulbous and drooping -
Asked me to stop shouting and sit.
Like a prince.

A curious girl in a purple dress -
Asked what I thought.
If we could grind up old things -
Like doorknobs and old statues.
We melted into each other.

We train dogs -
To not be dogs -
But be simple humans.
We still keep them leashed -
In case the dog part takes over.

When you are nothing -
You can see everything.
Desire blinds us.
This world -
Waits to really be seen.

1 comment:

Momo said...

I really love this one, it helps me remember that special day. The way you outline it is wonderful. Reality is incredible.