Communication filtration complication

Emotion bottled intuition

Balance simplicity FORCED

This, present and powerful.

Thoughts pile into plans and ideas. Maybe I cannot lose myself? Loss seems acceptable now. The more I integrate this, the less fear impacts my life. A choice decided by fear, is truly not a choice.

We pressed into another, like stacked pillows.

Regardless, I will not forget. I cannot. And that is precious. Like stacked pillows, pressing so hard, becoming one feeling, experience, understanding. All we have is honesty.

Is this great tool our great downfall?

No, I feel more human, more valuable, more real.

1 comment:

Momo said...

I love the "stacked pillows" idea. I can feel that. The picture is perfect. Whatever it was/is, I feel so strongly its goodness, my own personal growth (and I know yours too). Exactly I think what I needed in this season...the perfect person to learn about life with.