glowing with Optimism

Practice conversation to success:

“Hello Dynamite. You reminded me of dynamite and sharp. Also, sharp sensation for my brain. Comprehension bogs and bogs and bogs and also bogs. But I continue. HELLO DYNAMITE! You remember me? I repress, and my arms feel uncomfortable. No need to worry, for my heart and liver are intact like functioning fountains. Bleeding and pumping and filtering and bog and cleanse and sigh. So we stare with intensity. You can see much focus in the pupil shrinking. Smaller black dot. Smaller and more compact. (like wafers and other computer chips). Well, I am and addict of something complex and unobtainable. Feeding my addiction is complicated, unlike a 15 dollar bottle of rum. 15 dollar bottles of rum obtained by earning 15 dollars. A fair innocent trade. Until you beat your wife. Blow smoke on your baby. We have parking lots of shaped stone. However, dirtied with smaller stones and stuffy. Rebelling tress or wild grass."

Any understanding. I focus on it. I love consciousness. I love this drama we play. Introvert. Watch and be filled.

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ambersta said...

I love, love love love, this post. Not only because it is about optimism. But because it is an epi pen of joy! I've been watching maybe too much House...