3 Sections

Section 1:

Resembling a parachute, the blue hoodie sweeps endlessly. Cover your bones, knuckles from me. Hoodie, my hands fit into your musky spaces. Should I sell it? It must be worth a great deal. There are other hoodies, including blue ones.

Section 2:

How about pressing lips? Slightly open and breathing; also, trying not to try. Stop focusing, stop planning, stop guessing, and stop directing. THINGS ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. Besides, this is perfect.

Back to pressing lips. Soft, yet controlled. We trade hints and glances.
How can I capture this in writing? These words are too defined and clear to depict anything, especially a kiss. It frustrates me to try, but my constant interest will not let me be. I will follow this passion until I have no kisses to give.

Section 3:

My pattern again…But this is I.

The cure for loneliness is to be alone. But not too much.

There is no objective positive personality trait. Although, some are more commonly sought to obtain (sense of humor, intelligence, attractiveness)

Outward aggression is a reflection of inward turmoil. Maybe, maybe not.

Everything is a reaction to a previous action. Impossible to prove or disprove, which gives power and influence.

Happiness is relative. If it were truly relative, would there be any happiness at all? How can this be objectively measured?

There is no such thing as causality, only correlation. But with enough correlation, we take the risk of inferring causality. Nonetheless, causality is a farce, however a necessary evil.

EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE. EVERYTHING IS OBJECTIVE. In my conscious isolation, logic pushes me to subjective way of life while emotion pushes me to an objective way of life.

INTERESTING. “Emotional” subjectivity is found through logic. (Existential isolation, nothing provable)

INTERESTING. “Logical” objectiveness is found though emotion. (Empathy for others)

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