Electronic paper. This is electronic paper. “Electronic” paper. We can’t escape the paper! Next time we start earth, we should use better materials. Like bendable things. Reshapeable things. We only need globs. All households are given 3 tons of globs. 3 tons of pliable material. Globs become what we need. Government supplied of course. Fork? Ok! Camera? Sure! But a bit more complicated. Forks are super easy. Cameras fucking SUCK. But GLOBS are the solution. No dumps or landfills for future generations (or aliens) to excavate. No tires floating to topsoil. Just globs. F-O-R-E-V-E-R. But, we really shouldn’t make them toxic. Maybe a little toxic. Not hugely damaging on life expectancy. 5 years? Globs are worth it.

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