I'm sold


I really dislike manipulation.


I really dislike dishonesty.

I realize my writings are frustrating. They are usually masked and abstract.

Here is the paradox. The most accurate way to describe reality is through abstract, unfocused description.

If you could remove your emotions would you? No, never. No way. You kidding? I’m not kidding. I’m just asking. It deserves more than a reflex response.

I don’t think the answer changes. But just for a second, entertain the idea.

I imagine limitless and nothingness simultaneously. Imagine a group of doctors: precise, efficient and empty. Truly machinelike.

Now imagine a world of only emotion. I see thousands of colors with no canvas. We would be cavemen: orgies, jealousy and struggles of dominance.

This is difficult for me to grasp. Is emotion primarily selfish or unselfish? Do we learn unselfishness as a means to manipulate society in our favor? Does that even matter? Naturalism isn’t necessarily good. Or is it?

I’m pretty confused. Another paradox. The more I discover, the more I realize I’m lost.

Vote Obama. I enjoy his haircut. Wait. Is he Muslim?

Maybe I’ll smoke. My president does.

Should I start operating on this level? They seem so content, while I’m confused. I should become less doctor-like and more caveman-esque.

I’m sold.

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