Birthday List.

This gum I chew tastes particularly sour and raw. Like limey salt in shot glasses, it stretches forced smiles. Spat into a napkin and studied it. Not what I expected. It doesn’t appear bad nor good, but as a unique, unchanging experience. After a moment, it brings a quiet smile.

I turn 25 soon. Things I would like:

To be president of something (America? ;~P).
To have a sexy body. Like 6 pack sexy.
To have children (I think).
To see many countries.
To learn to sight read piano music.
A 5 octave rosewood marimba.
To become a fucking awesome vegan cook!

See what you can do team!!! Last year I was disappointed. All I got was a greasy hamburger and was made fun of by our waitress… If I get that same exact thing again, I’m going to be soooo pissed off.


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ambersta said...

I got you something, but after I read your blog about what you wanted, I set it on fire. It's ok, I put it out eventually. I won't tell you what your present is, I will say that waitress will not make fun of you EVER AGAIN. You are welcome.