something simple

Sometimes things are hard. They just turn that way. Even if we work and do maintenance on them, they still seem to slip into something difficult. It’s hard to understand why. Even things that seem perfect can turn painful. It’s like a white sheet of paper that crumples as we paint it. It becomes far too difficult to paint what we had planned as it wrinkles, but we try anyway. We think that concentration and precision will smooth the paper out. Sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into it, the paper will crumple anyway. If the paper is a giant, grand canvas, there is so much hope and potential. Our greatest visions seem possible with such a large canvas, and we feel much excitement. But even a grand canvas can crumple. We see our dreams folding, and we work very hard to keep it from collapsing and destroying our hopes. With something so attractive, we must be careful, otherwise we feel like we’ve lost everything.

But we haven’t. This world has so many places to paint our life upon. Will they all eventually crumple? Maybe. Perhaps there are some that wont. I do not know. Regardless, there are always clean spaces for us to begin our work. If it becomes painful, set it free. This world has tools for expression everywhere. What a wonderful thing.

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