Creativity comes in little sporadic pockets, which are far too temperamental. Input = dull desk drawer dangling downward. Output = spring forth onto my plywood tabletop and begin my march to liven this office space. Brown shards tossing and falling like snowflakes onto my hair creases.

Repetitious twitching scares the health officials where blood and semen are both powerful and viewed as too thick for anything other than disgusting and functional beyond our direct use. The blood does its work. We transfer it from working persons to failing persons. Doctors earn their possessions through the mastery of pointy steal tube insertions.

Fortify liquid with vitamins to fulfill the recommended intake of vitamins. It even tastes sugary. Where in this equation have we lost? Glucose and processed grains keep my neurotransmitters flickering quickly. I can now drive motor vehicles with much precision onto shallow curbs, in reverse, red line, and slowly in construction areas. They are risking their life to better America’s infrastructure. America is my birthplace. Odd really. Odd. odd. odD. I am american. amerICAN. I CAN. It is only up to me. Earn. Spend. Earn. Spend. I CAN.

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