Dissecting “AGENDA”

The secret plan I withhold. Because you see, I fear judgment. I drape your bottomless eyes by erecting a prop. This prop is not I. Perhaps it shares my fragrance, but it is not I. With enough alcohol, I peer though my prop and discover clearness.

I will shun advice regarding manipulation. I am not good at it, for my demeanor gives me up.

I try to place the present between hope-fear (future) and wisdom-regret (past). Why do I regret perceived waste? So much knowledge is gained in that waste. THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION IN EVERYTHING. The hard is accompanied by gained wisdom.

Now is the time to experiment. Now is the time to experience. There is no you (anything I once wished to own), there is only I.

Tomorrow will begin regardless. Tomorrow will be glorious, as are the doldrums and lightness.
The purity:

The meaning between every adjective.
Our evoked and indefinable emotion.
Our categorization and decategorization.
Our need for patterns and need to escape from them.
Our independence and dependence (perhaps related to patterns…)
This and now. We are the same and different.
My on and off neurons have transcended themselves to find grey.
This non-binary beauty of earth, emotion and reason.

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