Kate now hobbles.

My dog and a vehicle collided. The car dragged her 2 or 3 feet, according to the vet. She knew the wounds. It really made me think, I wonder if the vet hit her.

That fucking psycho, how many animals has she hit? Surely she prowls around Yorkshire to drum up business. Quite the go-get-er, an expert in manipulation and fraud. She should have studied the stock market (her obvious calling).

Severe pain and possible mutilation for money (I bet she collects expensive, leather mini-shirts.) Maybe she stays between 5-10 mph. You know, the get-hurt-but-not-fucking-kill-you-speed. Oh well, we should support local businesses. And besides, my dog sleeps more. I wonder if she has brain damage. She has never been this sweet and docile. Oh, and when she chases rabbits, she hobbles on three legs (very effectively). So cute.

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ambersta said...

That's her "lucky leg". How lucky for her.