humans are very, very complicated computers.

hello mr. candlelight. where did you get the new, red shirt? where did you place it? it’ll never fit around my head. my head is far too large. mostly the circumference. like a watermelon pumped with GMO something. really don’t know how that works. apparently it feeds the hungry. turn the hungry into mutant produce consuming freaks. the rich will keep digesting “organic”. are the rich any better off? all they have is money. mostly dysfunctional. mostly unhappy. mostly glass ceilings. they argue their freedom of choices. i call it justification. it’s easier to live that way. you know, cows don’t feel pain, my spirit lives forever, and that new BMW will makes me happy. stop owning stuff. it owns you. “you’re not your fucking khakis”. it clicks. let’s just have “moments”. i wish my vocabulary was larger. that way I could sound “intelligent”. ha, i’m still concerned how i sound. it’s the human condition. my opinion is based on your opinion which is based on my opinion. empty. like empty calories. there is nothing but single moments in life. like now. i’m really pretty happy. it took awhile. i’m starting to like me. i think it’s a realization for no need for a goal. goals just distract and stress. i think i still live by goals, somehow the pressure left. or maybe it’s a habit. am i living a successful life because of habit? i really don’t care. society’s successful measurement is mostly empty. fuck you ayn rand, fuck you marx. they lived by goals. they could only see success with a pointed objective. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. they reasoned very well. the mother wishes to give, yet man enjoys power. humans are very, very complicated computers.

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ambersta said...

Welcome to my journal. I am totally going to post a stream from my mind. I love where you switched quick to glass ceilings. It caught me by surprise, because although we are alike, I am not you. Love it.